Let’s go “Oisesan”⛩There is Japanese’s spiritual home

Hello everyone!!
How was your today?

If you come to Japan, where are you going?

NO! NO!! NO!!!
It’s normal.

Would you like “Oisesan” ?
“Oisesan” is Japanese’s spiritual home!
I’m sure you’ll like “Oisesan”
So…Here we go!!

What about “Oisesan” ?

“Oisesan” is a nickname of ISE JINGU.
There is a very famous shrine in Japan.
A lot of tourists come there everyday.

For more details, please refer to ISE JINGU Official video.

【伊勢神宮】About Ise Jingu ‐Origins of Japan‐ ISE-JINGU

And…let me give you a little advice.
You should visit Geku at first, and then visit Naiku.
because it is an old tradition.

What’s famous?

Akafuku-mochi is known as Mie’s specialty.
It’s a kind of sweets made with rice cake and sweet red bean paste.
You can eat at Akafuku-Chamisedokoro.

OKAGE-YOKOCHO is a fun place!
There are many shops and museums.
Old wooden Japanese houses makes you feel as if you were time traveled.

How to get to “Oisesan” ?

You can make One-day trip from NAGOYA.
It takes 1hour 20minutes by Kintetsu Railway.

From Iseshi station to Geku takes 5minutes on foot.
Or Ujiyamada station to Naiku takes 10minutes by bus.

For more details, please refer to ISE JINGU Official Home page.

How do you like?
Not good?

I’ll be waiting for you in Japan!
Thank you for reading.

See you next time!



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